Management Solutions

Management Solutions

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2024 is here! Is your business where you want it to be? We can help! Let's get you the funding you need to take your business to the next level!

We serve industries like Construction, Trucking, Manufacturing, warehouse, Medical and Real Estate Investing!

We can find funding for other industries too! However, at this time none of our lenders will finances cannabis  or vape shops! Sorry!  Let's get that funding going, click the link to the right to get started Today!

   Fund Your Business!

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~ Crude Oil EN590 brokering 

              ~ Corporate and small business funding

                      ~ Personal and Business travel

                      - Life and business coaching

                     ~ Shopping unique home decor items, vitamins, Apparel, Make-up and all the eXtras!

We will help you to live life more victoriously!

Whether it's stretching a dollar or finding new ways to make some dollars, to finding a new place to live or guidance to living a more healthier life we have you covered!

   Unique Opportunity!

Supposed you had a chance to get on board with google or Amazon before they became what they are today? A total game changer, right? Your life will be totally different right now, without question.

Well, there is another potential big hitter that is going to take the marketing world by storm. Business as usual will become a thing of the past! I cordially invite you to check this presentation and decide for yourself

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       Need Oil to Buy or Sell?

We have you covered!!!  

Crude Oil EN590 

We have buyers and sellers on hand for whatever amount of fuel you need! Just shoot us an email to let us know what you need to get the ball rolling! We are looking forward to doing business with you and your company! Email us Today!

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Management Solutions

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Rather you are looking for funding for your business, to invest in real estate, need to quickly get rid of a piece of troublesome property, or are in need of an affordable place to live we work with you to achieve that!

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If you are an independent contractor we just may have a place for you! Our list of professionals are growing and we aim to keep our people working! 

Partner with us!

Our audit services helps previous property owners get back the funds left behind after losing property to a tax sale. Don't let the city keep your funds! We do the leg work for you, so all you have to do is cash the check!

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What you do matters!
Do you know any service you use and every product you purchase a portion of the proceeds is donated to the BVictory Foundation! 

We love our community! The best way to do this is to give back! Check out our link to our Non-Profit organization and join and support our cause! Check out current event events,  partner with us, give, and more!

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Book Your Trip Today!

Anytime time is a great time to travel!

Booking your travel with us for yourself or your group on one of our bus tours or one of our many all-inclusive destinations will make memories to last for a lifetime! You will be ready to book your next vacation before you get home! Not to mention the great feeling of knowing a portion of the proceeds help your local community!

Need a little something different in your wardrobe? Check out the latest designs by local black designer from Virginia  Linda Vicky and her brand LV MAX.

Looking for ways to make your dollar stretch? Check out our Finance section to find out what’s new, what works, and what has changed!

            Your Beauty Headquarters!

Here at BVictory, you can have the best of both worlds! That's right both Mary Kay and Avon is sold here! So that means, just like everything else on this site, you are shopping with a purpose! Yes, a portion of the proceeds benefits the BVictory Foundation!

Buy Mary Kay here!

Buy Avon here!

And keep in mind both Mary Kay and Avon is a great way to earn some extra money or business opportunity! As with anything, you will get out of it what you put into it!