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Having a business is challenging! Rather you are running it by the power of one or one hundred and one or more, there is no such thing as having too much cash flow! With the world facing the effects of the pandemic, things have gotten even more challenging to keep your business afloat. 

                Our Industries of focus are: Construction, Manufacturing, Medical, and Real Estate Investing

  In some cases we will even fund start up! 'if you are in need of credit card processing or need help building your personal and business credit we can help you with that also just send us a message via the 

We can help you get funding!

 We Make The Process As Simple As Possible

Getting Funds For Your Business Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

The Process:

  1. Submit Application
  2. When asked submit proof of income as mentioned above
  3. Approvals can range from 48 hrs - 10 day to a several weeks depending on the lender and we do everything from private to SBA loans.


What is the interest rate?

Interest rates are based on the applicant's situation. It could be as low as a few points. We work with multiple lenders to get you the best offer possible.

How long is the loan?

We work with multiple lenders, so  it will vary  between a few months to being spread out over a few years depending on the situation. We work to get you not only the lowest rate, but also the highest pay back length.

Is This A Daily ACH Loan Or Do I Have To Pay Back Loan Daily?

We have lenders that require a daily pay back as well as allowing monthly payments, based on your situation. What you are looking for, is exactly what we try to obtain for you.

Is There A Personal Guarantee Or Collateral Required?

Collateral  or Personal Guarantees are not needed in many cases

Does My Credit score matter?  In cases that it will  we have programs you can sign up for to help you to improve  your rating in time. 

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