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Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

We are not just a team, We are family!

We aim to keep America working! So check back regularly for new opportunities that will be coming available soon. Here are a few details about the business opportunities that are available to help you free your yourself from your 9 to 5 to become independent!

[] Virtual Call Center Customer Service - This position is for independent contractors. No taxes are taken out of your check. You are responsible for filing your 1099 and the appropriate taxes please seek your tax professional for advise on the expenses you can write off for having an in-home office.

Paid ranges from 16-18 dollars an hour plus bonuses depending on the available line that is accepted. Most lines are incoming calls only. There are lines that have free certification, but there are others that have a small fee of $9 - $50 for the certification classes. These lines usually pay a lot more hourly and in bonuses, but it varies so please check and make sure. We take calls from utility companies, tax services, cruise lines, road side assistants and more. 

[] BVictory Travel - We are looking for independent travel agents to join our travel team. We have access to plenty of free training, there is a small fee for your E & O insurance. We have one site and all of our reps will be represented there. This reduces the cost of you having to own your own website. Our goal is to reduce your expenses as much as possible so you can focus on learning building up business. Together we will virtually work as a team to become the new face of Travel! 

[] LV M.A.X - Are you ready for something new and exciting. Well there is nothing more exiting then the launch of a brand new makeup and fashion line! Come be apart of something amazing! All positions are virtual and we will work as a team to build the next household name in beauty and  fashion based in Virginia!